Ayinger | Kellerbier | German Lager 4.6% 500ml

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As a reminder of the good old days and in honor of the brewery's founder, Johann Liebhard is this nostalgic specialty beer that you can safely count on the traditional Old Bavarian texts varieties brewed. The peculiarity of the beer cellar is the fine yeast turbidity and pleasant bitterness. Since it is bottled unfiltered, preserved him many natural protein, yeast and hop constituents. Thus it retains its original character, and the beer connoisseur will determine which fullness of flavor, this beer very drinkable. In addition, the vitamin-and mineral-rich yeast makes from a nutritional standpoint one not to be despised contribution to health. Hazy pale golden. Bready malt aroma. Light bodied with wonderfully soft mouthfeel. The excellent maltiness with notes of butter is accompanied by grassy hops. Well balanced, very drinkable and very good.